Help Us Get to $35,000!

We are FINISHED FILMING.  After two and a half years  of calls, appointments, traveling to places in Lincoln, Omaha, Nashville, and New York we have called it a WRAP on collecting interviews.  For sure there are many more we could get.  But we had to stop somewhere.  Now it is on to post production. 

We are fundraising like mad trying to get this doc ready for the Omaha Film Festival Spring 2020. We think another $20K will get us to a final cut!

Then it will be on to Phase III of fundraising- that will be the funds we need to get the final cut in theatres and film festivals.

Make a donation now through PayPal. Just fill in the form below.  If you wish to make a tax deductible contribution of $100 or more please use the following link to donate to the project via the Nebraska Independent Film Project’s donation page.

And Thanks for Remembering the Drumstick!