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After four years  of calls, appointments, traveling to places in Lincoln, Omaha, Nashville, and New York we have called it a WRAP on collecting interviews.  For sure there are many more we could get.  But we had to stop somewhere.  We even made it through the post production, pandemic be damned!  It’s been tough these last few months as it has been for most organizations trying to navigate the new coronavirus normal.  But now that the documentary is ready for film festivals, it’s time to shift our fundraising efforts to the Foundation itself.

Our goal is to make live music affordable and available for people of all ages and backgrounds. Art is the tie that binds us all and music might just be the Queen of Arts!

Help us keep building a vibrant, diverse community through live musical performances.  Donate today!  Use the button below to go to PayPal, or just send it yourself to

And Thanks for Remembering the Drumstick!