Back in the day, I was a hardcore almost every night, patron. I would come in early get the number seven chicken dinner and watch the band set up, talk to my buddy Tony that was the sound guy etc on occasion. One reason or another would find me in the Green room and I was always amazed at the signatures and artwork on the walls. After the club closed, a friend and I broke into the place before demolition and tore a good chunk of the drywall with all of the signatures and artwork out of there. I don’t know what we were thinking other than this can’t just go into a rubble pile and not be appreciated. There was talk of an art project, but unfortunately nothing ever became of it and over the years between the two of us we both lost track of those pieces of lost gold. I deeply regret that I didn’t do something with them or put them in the hands of somebody that would have been a better guardian. But I’m damn proud of myself that I had the balls to risk jail time in order to break in and rescue true American Art

Shared by: Mark Simpkins

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