The documentary Remember the Drumstick is now available to stream on your favorite device.  We chose not to go the Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, etc route at this time.  This documentary is about a DIY rock club and was made on a DIY budget, so we decided to make it a DIY streaming experience!

All you have to do is make a donation to the Tim Lohmeier and Friends of the Drumstick Foundation via our website  The suggested donation amount is $20. About the same as a movie theatre ticket.  Once the donation is confirmed you will be sent a receipt for your donation and instructions on how to view the documentary.  It’s that simple.  Your contributions will help get the Foundation up and running as it seeks out organizations and collaborators in the effort to bring affordable, accessible live music to small venues and people of all ages and backgrounds.

You helped make the documentary possible. Now you can help give a “Drumstick like” experience to others with your donations.

Thanks again, to all of you who helped make the documentary and this website possible.  Thanks for Remembering the Drumstick.

Drumstick Restaurant

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