Made more than one trek over in the afternoon to try and be around when there was a soundcheck. One day, we were there when Jason and Nashville Scorchers (as I think they were still billing themselves at that time) were getting set up and having something to eat. They had just recently recorded their “Ferver” EP and Michael Stipe had sung background on a song. Since REM had been at the Stick not too much before, but were beginning to blow up nationally, that became the central topic of conversation. Suddenly Perry Baggs (drummer) jumps up and walks over behind one of the big floor fans that was doing its best to circulate the warm air and started singing the chorus to “Radio Free Europe” through the fan and from our side, it was a perfect impression of Mr. Stipe met by howls of laughter for all in attendance. A bite of of chicken or two might have been set flying from the diners as they laughed.

Shared by: Chuck Pool

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