I played at the Drumstick in the late 80’s with a band called the Untouchables and I recall the stage was made up of 3’x4′ boxes that were about 18″ high. One night our Bass player, Craig Johnson, was straddling a seam when the boxes started sliding apart. Craig rode it out as long as he could, doing the splits in the process. Finally he had to try to jump up/off and ended up on the floor. Craig didn’t miss a beat, but he did break the mirror pickguard he had made for his guitar at his day job at Lincoln Glass Co.
I also remember seeing Wendy “O” Williams crack a guy in the head with her microphone that was trying to grab at her from in front of the stage. She hit him so hard it broke the windscreen off the mic and gashed his head. The guy stayed and danced at the front of the stage with blood, sweat and beer running down his face the rest of the show.
I saw a lot of great bands there. Some nights, as Diane recalls, there were only a few people in the bar. A lot of these bands where just travelling through and needed a week night gig for gas and beer money.

Shared by: Dane Squires

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