“DORIAN GRAY” (Later became “The Heartbeats) from Denver got to play The Drumstick in between 2 new bands in the US! Tim told us that there was no pressure just because we were between these 2 legendary bands! We played our original songs and rocked! He showed us some interesting movies while staying in his basement! We had a Great time!!! Thanks for the memories!!

Shared by: Steve Sieck

*Spoiler….I don’t think the Police or the Ramones played the Drumstick.  Hot damn, I wish they had.  But I love the idea that Tim absolutely would have booked them, so I’m gonna to let this story fly! And yes, Tim’s notorious movie collection of the “Kann’s Film Festival” fame was really a thing.  He wouldn’t show them to me, his younger sister. Wonder why…..? smirk, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Thanks, Steve!  Keep the stories coming!  -Cathy Lohmeier

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