In the 1980s The Drumstick was the center of the live music scene in Lincoln, NE. Mark Hendricks’ passion for music and the “Stick” led him to continue to explore music. Mark was a member of the band French Leave. They played the Drumstick in the mid-eighties. Pat Yarusso, bass; Jeff Dell, drums; Mark Hendricks, guitar.

“The band was first called Red Club 13.  ‘Then everything sprung up club– Culture Club, Model Citizens Club’, said Hendricks.  The band had a track, “The Things You Have To Do” on the Capitol Punishment cassette compilation Pioneer Songs and Hymns.” ~excerpt from the book ’til the Cows Come Home, Rock n Roll Nebraska” by Bart Becker.

Many great nights at the Drumstick were shared by artist and fans alike. Even after the Drumstick closed, Mark recalled all the good times. Mark passed away on March 2, 2020. His spirit and enthusiasm for the Drumstick lives on with our memory of him. Remember the Drumstick and never forget.

Shared by: Allen Hendricks

Photo from left to right-Mark Hendricks, Jeff Dell, Pat Yarusso

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