TL was the BEST!
Upon our first arrival we immediately started partying, this was around 3pm-before set up and sound check!!!
He, his family and the staff treated us like family from that moment on.
They even invited us to their 4th of July back yard picnic,with great food,fireworks,music,drinks and tons of fun!
I will never forget it.
The Drumstick was ALWAYS a favorite stop,thanks to Tim,his family and all the many other Lincoln folks who took us in as well; always assuring that we had a great time and formed lasting memories!

R.I.P. TL – Thanks for all you did for ALL The Bands, The Drumstick staff and all who were lucky enough to share in “The Drumstick Experience” !

Kevin Mackey
Drummer – The Nelsons
Lubbock Texas

Shared by: Kevin Mackey

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