Drumstick Closes – Brian Barber


It’s true! In January 2017 I had just an idea and a little encouragement from Ginger Theisen and Pat Aylward. A documentary on the Drumstick? Sure, why not! The three of us recorded some interviews. Ginger and Pat couldn’t help anymore by 2018, so I bought a little Cannon Vixia R800 video camera. I recorded some more interviews. Thanks to Chad Hauschild from Nebraska Independent Film Project, I found Sharonda Harris Marshall, a talented young woman from Alabama to edit the footage. Together we crafted the story of TL and the chicken restaurant turned rock and roll club. By 2019 we were ready for post production.

Then in 2020, COVID19 hit. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, the Lincoln company I hired for color and sound correction deleted my project from their archives right before doing some additional work on the sound. I found out the hard way that you can’t trust everyone in this business. The company screwed up my master files and we lost all the work they did. Then they bailed out of the project. Keeping the payment of course. Sharonda and I basically started over.

But with the help of Jackie Marten, the three of us recovered the project. And now it is done. The place may be closed and the building demolished, but we can’t wait for you to see it!


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