I was from Sutton so Tim would let me in even though I was 17-18 before I turned of age. The place was so wild every time I went! You had to go to the bathroom outside cause the men’s room was always packed with ppl smoking herb hahaha. In the beer garden there was more room, but a lot of the same was going on. It was incredible. Sometimes, even ppl inside did it up when the crowd was over capacity, and no one cared.

Bands partied it up too and sometimes you could sure tell. The lead singer of the Replacements was not singing the right words, or not singing sometimes, and was way off until he finally just walked off stage and left. Another band member then said, “I guess we are done.”

I also remember girls came there all dressed up nice in makeup and styled hair. By the time they walked out they were trashed and looked like they had been through a back-alley brawl…but they had a good time getting like that.

I also remember once at the back bar some guy had a bong. We were drinking there, and he did a massive hit cause ppl were cheering him on. His eyes went to the back of his head after it and he just dropped…the other bartender went over, set him up and kept on pouring!

Everyone there was just having a great time. It was the end of an era.

Shared by: Patrick Kassebaum

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