Another infamous show at the Drumstick was when DK’ed Willies (changing their name to “What a Bunch of Fucking Idiots,” or WABOFI), played. They did not like playing there because they mainly had younger fans and stuck to all ages’ shows. Also, they didn’t get along with Tim very well so the night was set to be a disaster from the get go. The Willies decided to show movies of my parents’ honeymoon trip on a projector behind them while they were playing. At one point Daniel Kelley, who was singing, threw the microphone out into the audience and it landed, “splat” on our table. That was it for Tim. He yelled “Get your Wabofi’s out of here.” Daniel took off running around the place and Tim went behind the bar and put on a pair of brass knuckles and chased him out. I think it was the last time they ever played there!

Shared by: Jim Jones

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